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Senior UI Software Engineer (React) - Design Systems

Pluralsight, LLC

US only
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Draper UT, Remote - USA

Job Description:

The opportunity

As a Platform UI team, we explore and solve problems at the intersection of design and development by supporting design systems, UI development, accessibility, browser performance, and mobile web. As a team mate, you will provide shared UI and UX assets in the design system that is used across products in the Pluralsight ecosystem. Through the value of shared UI/UX, you will increase the usability of our products for our end-users. You will support many of the product development teams at Pluralsight, improving work efficiency and end-product quality.

Who we’re committed to being

  • Inspired - we are enthused by the charter of the team and seek to contribute to its success

  • Entrepreneurial - we discover high-value things that need done and do them; empower ourselves even in the absence of guidance; can work without a project manager

  • Collaborative - we give and take feedback well; frequent pair programmer

  • Distributed - we are comfortable building long-distance relationships with distributed team members; are a proactive collaborator

  • Communicator - we are articulate; ok with meetings; write docs; have heart of a teacher

  • Explorative - we try new things; track the state of the art; are self-motivated to try new experiments

What we’ll own

Pluralsight Design System

  • An existing range of core design values and a component library

  • Collaborative user research design process

  • Expansion, maintenance and evolution of the implementation

  • User support through documentation and in-person assistance

Current Efforts

  • Accessibility improvements

  • Component styling flexibility

  • Adjustments to the release strategy

Experience you’ll need

  • Frontend focus - you have 5+ recent years of frontend web conquests and a great portfolio; are interested in deepening that expertise through this role

  • Framework familiarity - you have 2+ years experience with React or a similar UI component framework; are a deft user; ability to debug and tune

  • Design sensibility - you speak the language of designers; are an advocate for the user

  • Systems thinker - you consider broad architectural implications in solutions; have shipped and supported general library code for a broad user base

If this sounds like a fitting opportunity to you, send us your info. We'd be happy to hear from you.



Senior UI Software Engineer (React) - Design Systems

Pluralsight, LLC

US only
Apply now