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Work on Open Source Backstage.io

What's the opportunity? 🤔

We are looking for an individual with proven leadership skills and a passion for open-source to lead our open-source efforts.

Open-source is vital to Roadie. Backstage is an open-source service catalog created in Spotify. We rely on Backstage and other notable projects from the open-source community in our day to day operations. We want to share what we build and ensure that we give back to the community. We are hiring staff dedicated to making it better.

Roadie is a remote-first team working on building Backstage as a service for engineers. We try to provide a high level of psychological safety, a collaborative environment where we can work on problems together and the ability to work from anywhere.

What does my day to day look like? 📅

What is the offer? 💙

  • 🚀 This is an excellent opportunity to join a fast-growing venture-backed start-up
  • 💶 We offer a competitive salary based on experience
  • 📈 We provide a meaningful stock options package
  • 😎 27 days paid time off
  • 🏕 Working remotely with flexible working arrangements (fully remote position within Europe's timezone (UTC-1:00 - UTC+2:00))

What is the company's mission? 🤔

Roadie helps companies manage their internal services by making it easy to adopt Backstage. Backstage is a service catalog which was created inside Spotify and has been battle-tested in production since 2016. Every day, thousands of Spotify employees use Backstage to do critical development and operations work.

We are a talented group of engineers who experienced the problems of service sprawl first-hand and decided that there is a better way. By unlocking the power of Backstage, we can make software development easier, faster and more enjoyable.

We are developers who care about developer experience. Learn why the company was founded.

Our Stack

Backstage uses a modern stack with TypeScript, Reactjs, Lerna to manage monorepo, Yarn and other tools like ESLint and a GraphQL backend.

For Roadie, we use Kubernetes, Gitops, AWS and many more exciting technologies.


What skills would we like to see? ✨

  • 8+ years of software engineering collaborating within a team
  • You are comfortable speaking to groups of people representing our projects
  • You have written large applications in Typescript or JavaScript
  • You have been writing in React for at least 3 years
  • You are comfortable working in the back-end
  • You like to share excellent documentation or blog posts
  • Ability to work and communicate in an online distributed environment
  • A college degree is NOT required.
  • Bonus: You maintain your own open-source projects
  • Bonus: You are skilled at community management (or experience doing user support)
  • Requirement: Europe's timezone (UTC-1:00 - UTC+2:00)

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Sorry, but it’s closed