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Deck is hiring a Senior Data Scientist to give progressive campaigns and organizations access to the most advanced targeting and resource allocation tools available.   OUR MISSION

We believe our politics are skewed against the interests of most Americans. We’re working to move the country in a more progressive direction by empowering the best candidates and organizations to run their best campaigns, even on a tight budget.


Deck is a company that gives Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations of all sizes access to personalized targeting and planning resources, so they can run the most effective outreach and advertising campaigns possible. We have a suite of products that help progressive campaigns and organizations reach the right voters, fundraise more efficiently, launch targeted digital ads, and make better resource allocation decisions.



  • We have an opinion. Our product is strictly for Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations.
  • We are transparent. The world of political analysis and tech is rife with overblown promises, opaque pricing, and lack of accountability. We hold ourselves to a higher standard.
  • We value diversity. We'll need to collectively bring a range of lived experiences and backgrounds to meet the needs of the candidates and advocacy organizations we intend to serve.
  • We will run a disciplined and focused business. We aim to establish a business that is financially sustainable and whose products and roadmap are fully aligned with our mission. Our investors share our mission and understand that it takes precedence over the more typical business metrics.
  • We believe in the power of a small but mighty team. A team of passionate, independent, multi-talented builders can have more impact than much larger teams.

The person in this role will:

  • Build and maintain predictive models that will help our users reach the right voters and make better resource allocation decisions.
  • Manage data pipelines to ensure that your models' training data and predictions are up-to-date and accurate.
  • Develop systems to make your models and data pipelines visible across our team.
  • Maintain systems to QA models and predictions so we can spot (and fix) problems quickly.
  • Brainstorm and prototype ideas for new predictive models and data products.
  • Develop documentation and visualizations to help our users (and your teammates) understand where our predictions are coming from.

Our data stack is currently based around R, TensorFlow, Keras, BigQuery, Drake, Prefect, and the Tidyverse. Familiarity with some of these is a big plus. A track record of learning new tech quickly is a must!


Deck is a remote organization. We will hire the best people from anywhere in the country and support a remote working environment that is flexible, transparent, and trusting. Occasional travel to conferences and in-person meetings will be required.


The salary for this role will be $125,000 per year. Deck offers a 401k, full health and dental coverage (including for family members), 20 days of annual PTO, 10 days of annual sick leave, 30 days of annual medical leave, and 20 weeks of fully paid parental leave.

While we have no strict requirements for this role, we're generally looking for candidates with:

  • At least several years experience doing technical work to support a live product.
  • Demonstrated interest in progressive politics.
  • Proficiency with SQL, R (including the Tidyverse), and machine learning.
  • Comfort working with deep learning models.
  • An ability to explain technical ideas to nontechnical audiences.
  • A patient and collaborative attitude.