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# Who we are 

As a new industry alternative for independent artists, UnitedMasters provides premium music distribution services and facilitates unique partnerships between artists and the world’s biggest brands. We enable artists to maintain full ownership over their master recording rights while introducing them to millions of new fans worldwide through our direct brand partnerships. 

The UnitedMasters team is made up of musicians, marketers, engineers and storytellers with backgrounds from YouTube, SoundCloud, Pandora, Facebook, Dropbox, Complex, VICE and more. We work hand in hand with the award-winning creative teams that forge those innovative partnerships at Translation. 

# What's the role?

The SRE team is responsible for the Safety, Security, Reliability, and Scalability of the United Masters Platform. Additionally, SRE focuses on easy-of-use/speed for development teams while providing guardrails, working to build automated systems that abstract away the implementation details of shipping code.

The ideal candidate will be flexible, possess broad skills across ops, networking, monitoring, and software deployment/development, and flourish in a fast-paced/challenging environment. You should be a self-starter who is able to take initiative and approach problems in novel ways.


  • Secure, deploy, upgrade, operate, maintain, and scale our AWS infrastructure using SRE/DevSecOps principles and best practices
  • Have an “Automation First” mentality
  • Help evolve the system towards full infrastructure and application automation
  • Help improve the whole lifecycle of services from inception and design, through deployment, operation, and refinement, in collaboration with Application and Product teams
  • Conduct Incident response and blameless postmortems
  • Use scripting and automation to develop solutions to common operational problems
  • Design and automate test cases, write test plans, and develop supporting test tools for infrastructure and application monitoring
  • Implement and monitor internal/external SLI’s, SLO’s, SLA’s 
  • Own and improve CI/CD systems using buildkite, codebuild, actions, and similar tools

Basic Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of Site Reliability, System Administrator, or DevOps experience in a production Linux environment on AWS
  • Experience using the AWS CLI/SDK/CDK/CF, python boto, terraform, bash shell to automate operational work
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes/EKS, and surrounding Cloud Native methods/tooling 
  • Experience instrumenting Observability, Monitoring, Alerting using Cloudwatch, SignalFX, DataDog
  • Experience with IAC Hashicorp tools, Ansible, Salt 
  • Programming experience in Python and/or other languages
  • Experience with the Networking stack  (Load Balancing, VPC’s, Routing, DNS, CDN)
  • Experience with source code and version control tools such as Git, Github

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems/IT or engineering
  • 5+ years of systems administration, site reliability engineering, or DevOps experience
  • Fluent in Full-Stack engineering
  • Experience with managing hundreds of servers and/or services on the AWS Platform 
  • Knowledge of software engineering practices including continuous integration, configuration management, build optimization, build automation, and deployment
  • Ability to address and resolve issues promptly, effectively, and independently
  • Experience with alarm and monitor systems such as Cloudwatch, Splunk/SignalFX, DataDog, Prometheus, Grafana, Kibana
  • Experience with workflow and issue management tools such as JIRA
  • Comfortable working with critical and sensitive systems with a sense of urgency appropriate to the responsibilities

Additional Requirement:

  • OnCall/PagerDuty: Able to work extended hours and weekends during site incidents

About Translation Enterprises

Translation Enterprises, composed of Translation LLC and UnitedMasters, is a minority-owned marketing and technology company empowering brands and artists to forge authentic connections with audiences at scale through a unique mix of actionable insights, technology, and storytelling. 

Translation was founded on the power of culture to propel discourses, trends, and movements - and more importantly, be the most unapologetic determinant of what is relevant. For over 15 years, Translation has partnered with brands and creators to build and grow disruptive platforms that foster deeper community engagement. This experience has given us unparalleled insight into the dynamics of culture and affinities that link people together. Backed by Alphabet, Andreessen Horowitz, and 21st Century Fox, we are reimagining how brands and artists tell their stories, create value, and push culture forward