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design.efficiently is a multitenant cloud platform for designers, architects, builders and showrooms. The application has multiple types of functionality ranging from AutoCAD-like editor to a presentation module that allows building slideshow decks. The platform includes a comprehensive product catalog with advanced search capabilities. There is also a collaboration component that facilitates work between different stakeholders.


Design.efficiently is built on top of force.com platform. We leverage all platform capabilities available: custom objects, big objects, streaming api, platform events, multiple integrations, complex sharing and permissions structure, and lots of custom back-end code. The platform does not rely on any standard salesforce functionality such as sales or marketing cloud and everything is custom build. With over 200 custom objects and upwards of 4M apex code characters, we are pushing salesforce to its limits daily and redefining what’s possible. We have multiple external microservices that integrate with the core platform and a completely custom UI library built on angularJS 11 framework.

For devOps we utilize a custom CI/CD pipeline built on jenkins. Github, Jira, Slack, MS Teams. We have 2 full sandboxes for UAT and STG.

The team

Our development team consists of 20 engineers: backend, frontend and integration. 7 QA engineers and 3 UX designers. We have one project manager and one product manager as well as 1 backend and 1 front end architect. Most of the development team is based in Ukraine and Belarus. Our QA team is based in India and the UX and product teams work out of USA. Our release cycle is 3 weeks. We utilize a lite version of agile development that includes daily standups divided by functional areas.

Back-end Salesforce Developer Role

As a back-end developer, you will be working alongside the rest of the development team and product team. Typically there are detailed high fidelity Figma mockups available for all major areas of functionality. Our team structure is flat and every developer at all times contributes to multiple areas of the product and participates in architecture discussions. There are always multiple tracks and you are free to pursue whichever direction you choose. As we rely heavily on microservices for more complex parts of the application, there is ample opportunity to work on non-sfdc technologies such as AWS lambda, S3, DynamoDB, Elastic Search, ECS, python and nodeJs.

Your responsibilities are as follows:

● Collaborate with dev and qa team

● Participate in architectural discussions

● Participate in daily standups

● Take on shared build master responsibilities (rotation) and perform code deployments

● Perform code reviews

● Honor best practices and coding standards

● Work with UI developer to implement backend portions of the logic

● Work with QA engineers to resolve outstanding issues


● 3+ years of experience in salesforce development

● Previous experience with other software development technologies (non-sfdc) is a big plus

● Excellent knowledge of triggers, batch jobs, queuables and VF remoting

● Familiarity with platform events, streaming api, big objects, managed packages

● Experience with Front end frameworks is a big plus: angularJS, react, LWC. You need not be a UI developer but understanding of basic concepts in that area helps

● Previous experience with integrations and restful apis

● Disciplined in project management aspects as we rely heavily on Jira and look for our developers to track progress and notes there

● Written English is required, spoken English is a nice-to-have but optional

● Excellent knowledge of Git VCS