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As a Full Stack Engineer you will help grow our business by developing features that power our functional skills visual collaboration app. You will be working with a team of dedicated engineers, designers, and product managers. You will achieve improvements to our product offering, helping all our customers collaborate more effectively.   Our belief is simple: delivering features as a team effort.

In this role, you will:

  • Be a part of creating a product and adding value to it, having ownership over what you do and seeing it evolve.
  • Understand user requirements and pain points in order to be able to help solve them.
  • Collaborate with QA engineers, product managers, designers, and data team.
  • Have experience with sense of teamwork and collaboration. We strongly encourage doing pair programming and code reviews!
  • Be a problem solver, use your resources to work autonomously and bring new ideas to our work sharing your knowledge and experience
  • Generate experiments, test them with production users, analyze, repeat
  • Be part of tech designs and talks, helping level up others around you


  • You have several years of experience working in in similar position
  • You have experience developing applications and services, preferably using web application development frameworks and tools like React, Express, Babel, or Webpack
  • You have designed and developed web services using REST and JSON
  • You have experience with JS testing and code analysis frameworks like Mocha, Istanbul, ESLint, Jasmine
  • You have experience with NoSQL document-based data stores like MongoDB and designing suitable data models
  • You know how to work together with others to achieve a common goal
  • You have the ability to analyze problems and recommend solutions
  • You have an evidence of good English, both written and verbal
  • You have a bias for action