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Team Description:  Kitware's Medical Computing team solves complex healthcare challenges through customized software solutions. The team provides research, development, and technology integration services to research centers, universities and companies in the medical and biomedical sectors. By joining our team you will participate in a dynamic multidisciplinary work environment with exceptionally talented computer scientists, software engineers, mechanical engineers and biomedical engineers. 
About the projects:  We build powerful software solutions using our well-established open source platforms including VTK, ITK, 3D Slicer, Pulse, iMSTK, CMake and ParaView. Our commercial projects involve generating solutions for medical device companies from ultrasound and preclinical imaging companies, to surgery device companies. Our research projects involve collaborations with top research institutions, including Harvard Medical School, MIT, the University of Utah, Cleveland Clinic, Duke University and others and build on our open source platforms.

In This Position You Will:

    • Collaborate with Kitware team members and the Open Source Community to develop and improve medical image analysis, visualization and simulation software across a wide range of computing environments including but not limited to the Web Platform, Linux, Windows, and macOS
    • Contribute software for our research and commercial collaborations
    • Have the opportunity and be expected to learn new programming languages and contribute code to large already existing software codebases
    • Have the opportunity to contribute to joint scientific publications in peer reviewed journals and conferences

Required Qualifications:

    • Bachelor’s degree with 3-5 years experience or Master's degree in Computer Science or related area, plus 1-3 years experience in developing high-quality research software tools for open science
    • Strong programming skills in languages such as Typescript, JavaScript, C++, Rust, or Python
    • Demonstrated software development experience (e.g., active GitHub account, successful school project, or documented open-source contributions)
    • Revision control system experience (we use Git)
    • Familiarity with high-quality software practices (test-driven development, documentation, continuous integration, agile development, software review processes, and cross-platform support)

Preferred Qualifications:

    • Experience with open-source toolkits and applications for medical image analysis and visualizations such as ITK, VTK, and 3D Slicer.
    • Enthusiasm for programming, learning, problem-solving, and tracking technology trends
    • Experience with Web3 technologies such as IPFS
    • Strong knowledge of the modern browser programming environment, including JavaScript/ECMAScript, HTML, and CSS.
    • Back-end service programming in Python
    • Experience with Database Management Systems (DBMS)
    • Knowledge of HTTP and related standards such as GraphQL, REST
    • Numerical computing with TypedArrays, WebAssembly, WebGPU
    • Experience using type safety technologies like C++, Rust, mypy and Typescript
    • Ability to build secure web applications that protect against common attack vectors
    • Proficiency with modern web-dev application frameworks such as React.js, Vue.js, django, fastapi, flask and/or infrastructure technologies such as AWS 
    • Experience with machine learning (deep learning) methods and applications
    • Experience building web-based medical image analysis and visualization applications
    • Familiarity with 3D rendering APIs (WebGPU, OpenGL, Vulkan, Metal, etc.)
    • Good collaboration and communication skills
Company Description Kitware collaborates with customers to solve the world’s most complex scientific challenges through customized software solutions. Kitware delivers innovation by focusing on advanced technical computing, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, and full-spectrum software solutions. Since its founding in 1998, Kitware has developed a reputation for deep customer understanding and technical expertise, honest interactions, and open innovation. We are proud to be a 100% employee-owned company. For additional information, please visit kitware.com. You can also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 
Additional information Kitware is proud to be a 100% employee-owned company. Our team members enjoy a small company environment, flexibility in work assignments, and high levels of independence and responsibility. Besides a great work environment, our comprehensive benefits package includes a generous compensation plan, tuition reimbursement program, flexible working hours, six weeks paid time off, 401(k), health insurance, life insurance, short- and long-term disability insurance, bonus plan, and free coffee, drinks and snacks.
Kitware actively subscribes to a policy of equal employment opportunity. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, protected veteran status, uniformed service member status, or any other characteristics protected by applicable law.