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We are looking for a Design System Engineer to join our team and help empower modern teams to build better user experiences by testing and learning rapidly with real users. You will be a key player in architecture and design decisions for UI development at Maze to facilitate the distribution of ideas and maintain UI consistency across Maze product. This includes building the systems, APIs, documentation and processes that enable engineers and designers at Maze to build delightful user experiences.


  • Author and maintain UI components that are accessible, performant, well-tested, scalable, and easy to use
  • Work closely with designers, and engineers to implement solutions for end user and business needs
  • Help drive sound technical decision making and guide technical conversations with other teams across Maze
  • Explore tooling that aids in design system management and efficiency
  • Explore front-end solutions and concepts to help solve design and layout challenges


  • A desire to work closely with engineers and designers who depend on your libraries to deliver customer value
  • Attention to detail, especially around performance, accessibility (WCAG 2.0 AA compliancy, and ARIA), reliability
  • The ability to communicate and document technical concepts clearly, for both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Thorough knowledge of browser compatibility issues, support, and how to create experiences that adapt across browsers and devices
  • A combined passion for great user experience and API design
  • Experience building scalable component libraries, design systems, and tools using JavaScript or TypeScript, React and styled-components
  • Experience with packaging systems (Webpack), frontend testing frameworks (Jest, Enzyme, etc.), linting tools (ESLint, Prettier, etc.), Git, and Storybook
  • Clear understanding of modular CSS development and Atomic Design, and enough experience to articulate the differences between these methodologies
  • A passion for keeping up to date on the latest in CSS developments and specs