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Contract/Permanent - Full-Stack


Full-time - Remote and London, UK

The Company

Juno inspires more human workplaces by connecting employees to better wellbeing choices.

We work with businesses to rethink and improve the wellbeing of employees in over 30

countries, across over 50 cities.

We're looking for someone to immediately step in and help us develop our product. Juno is

growing fast, and this could be an opportunity to really make a mark with our challenger


Working at Juno means working on something truly meaningful: improving the lives of

people at work.

Our mission is simple: to change the way employees experience their work life for the better.

The Role

We are looking for our next key hire, Full-Stack Engineer, on a contract or permanent basis,

to continue growing our engineering team. Here, you will take complete, end-to-end

ownership of projects across the entire stack. Our ideal candidate has experience building

products across the stack and a firm understanding of web frameworks, APIs, databases,

and multiple back end languages.

The Full-Stack Engineer would work alongside our Product Owner and our Junior Front-End

Developer, and will have a lot of freedom in bringing their expertise to the team and the

product. They will report to the CEO directly, and will have an opportunity to build the product

up to series A and then build the team from there.

Our Tech

Our application is written in ES6 JavaScript, and our stack includes React, Node, Express,

Sequelize and PostgreSQL.

On the front end we're using React with styled-components, with very heavy use of hooks

and exclusively functional components; no Redux, all Contexts.

For the backend we run on Node, serving Express APIs. Across our applications, we use

PostgreSQL as our primary data store, with Sequelize interfacing between the database and


Our codebases use ESLint, Prettier, Cypress and Jest to automate testing. We push to

GitHub and deploy (continuously) via CircleCI to AWS.

The Responsibilities

● Work across the full stack, building highly scalable distributed solutions that enable

positive user experiences and measurable business growth

● Develop new features and infrastructure development in support of rapidly emerging

business and project requirements

● Assume leadership of new projects from conceptualization to deployment

● Ensure application performance, uptime, and scale, maintaining high standards of

code quality and thoughtful application design

● Work closely with senior internal stakeholder teams including Product, Commercial,

Marketing and Operations.

● Work with modern development methodologies, adhering to best practices and

pursuing continued learning opportunities

● Architect and provide guidance on building end-to-end systems optimized for speed

and scale

The Requirements

● Strong web frontend development experience, e.g. in React;

● Strong backend development experience, e.g. in Node.js, Express.js, Sequelize;

● Strong experience with AWS;

● Working knowledge of infrastructure tooling e.g. Docker, CircleCI;

● Confident, and able to take initiative in a delivery-focused environment;

● Preferably experienced in creating a scaled B2B marketplace solution;

What you get

● Competitive salary and options;

● Possibility to be on contract or as permanent;

● Joining a business that is growing fast and on course for Series A in the next few


● A chance to build the team you want, with the resource to make it best-in-class;

● Freedom to work from wherever you want.